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The Hitsuzen 100

The Inevitable One Hundred Words

The XxxHolic Drabble Community
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Welcome to hitsuzen_100! This is a drabble challenge community for hungry spirits with an appetite for pretty boys all who enjoy writing XxxHolic based drabbles. In other words, I will challenge the members to write drabbles to a theme with the length of exactly 100 words. Each theme is open for interpretation and can be written in any way, but be sure to follow the rules while doing so.

Feel free to join if you simply wish to watch the community, but don't be shy! Writers of all ages, styles and experience are welcome to post their works.

Past Drabbles
Past Challenges

1. Be courteous to one another.
2. Drabbles must be 100 words in length
(or relatively close).
3. No off-topic posts.
4. Drabbles with sensitive material must have a
visible warning and be placed behind a LJ-cut.
5. Homo/Heterophobia will not be tolerated.
6. Future drabble challenges can be suggested
7. You may post as many drabbles as you wish per
8. There is no limit to how many drabbles you may post per
challenge, so enjoy! ^_^
9. Be sure to have a header before each drabble. The
template for the header can be found here.
10. Do not type lyke dis or in net speak.

Challenges will be closed and new ones opened on Mondays. ^_^ It is recommended that you read prillarlar's Drabble-Writing Basics if you need help with drabble writing. With that said, let's have some fun!



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Individual Character:

kimihiro_w - Watanuki Kimihiro

Character Pairings:

doumekiwatanuki - Doumeki x Watanuki
alcoholiclove - Clow x Yuuko

If you know of some communities I've missed, please feel free to contact me.

Word Counters:

Cut & Paste Word Count
The JavaScript Source: Forms: Word Count

Word Counter/Spell Checker:


Spell Checkers:

1-Hit.com Spell Checker
Free Online Spell Checker
Björn's Online Spellchecker

You can also go to Google and type in "Online spell checker" and choose one from there.

V. Equinox for creating the current wallpaper.
CLAMP for drawing XxxHolic. (X3 Mustn't forget that)
vanilla_ofuda for making me squee non-stop over
the lovely icon she made for the community. ^_^
Stephanie Shimerdla & Photoshop Brushes for the brushes.