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The Inevitable One Hundred Words

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#78 Name: Kimihiro
mortkero wrote in hitsuzen_100
Title: Kimihiro
Words: 100
Challenge: #76 Name
Rating: Sexual Implications
Characters/Pairings: Doumeki x Watanuki

I want to be the only one to taste your name on my lips, to breath it against the back of your neck and into your ear, to lick each stroke of the characters onto your chest with my tongue. I want to be the only one to take off your glasses, and the only one to take off your clothes. I want to be the one you're searching for, and the one you've found. In return, tattoo your name and date onto my body, scar it onto my heart. Watanuki. Kimihiro. I want to be your proof of existence.

Hello I've just joined, and I hope I'm doing it right!

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Oh em gee...this is beautiful. So lovely and I wanna draw big sparkly hearts all around this drabble. ♥

(Also welcome! Glad to have you here. :D)

akybcfwkbwbwvwvbwh--- /sparkles all over


amazing ;_; /melts

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